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With Roche Internet, you control your Web site.

This control means that you can effectively increase sales while cutting your Web marketing costs. Whether you are:

>> Not getting enough from your current Web site, because your information is out-of-date and it is too expensive to continually contract with Webmasters for Web site updates.

>> Experiencing low sales and frustrated by the cost involved in subcontracting marketing work.

>> Losing clients, due to lack of communicaton with your customer base and want to offer more online services at an affordable cost. 

>> Refocusing your marketing and sales efforts to get more effective results and use more inhouse resources.

>> Ready to expand your business and want to be able to expand into online markets at your pace.

Control means ....

-you can implement sales promotions online the instant that you realize that your cash flow is suffering. 

-you can improve client communication with up-to-date service information, and online newsletters.

-you can use your Web site as the most current, and up-to-date sales tool for your business (with no extra cost in updating your site, you can market with ease and no cost constraints).

-you can implement new marketing ideas inhouse with your Web site without incurring the standard $100-$500 cost per update.

Learn more about how your can successfully manage your own Web site with the Site Manager, how you can generate new online sales with eCommerce, or request a consultation for your own custom needs.

Internet Solutions Include:
Web Design
Web Site Development & Programming
Site Planning & Architecture
Online Internet Branding
Content Management
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Advertising

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